Talk, share, listen

URLO - Listen up!

Entertain your sense by listening to what you like, whenever, wherever, while doing whatever!


It's out in the stores!

1. Download the app

Urlo is available for most Android devices and iPhones.

Securely download only from the App stores.

Everyone can!

2. Register

It’s simple, quick and easy. Use your email or phone number, and choose your preferences to have best audios recommendations!

Yaay! You are in!

3. Your first Soundbites

It’s as simple as pressing (+) in the middle of you screen and record what you want to say.

You can refine it with #hashtags if you want.

That’s it. Use Urlo to express yourself or to listen to others.

Talk, share, listen!

4. Enjoy Urlo!

Select your favourite topics.

Follow people you like.

And let Urlo stream and entertain you.

Send voice notes to friends, say something to the world.

More people, more fun

5. Share the app

Just go to settings and click “Share the app”.

They’ll get the link to download Urlo and join you there

The power of sound


We at Urlo, believe in freedom of speech, freedom of expression and equality of mankind. Everyone of us has a voice and we have something to say. Urlo is here simply to enable that voice. Let’s talk, let’s sing, let’s converse, let’s just do something nice to put a smile on someone’s face or to make a difference in this beautiful world.